The History of Wind Chimes: Rome and Asia

Gardens, courtyards, and porticoes were filled with the tinkling of tintinnabulum—Roman wind chimes which were often created of bronze. A phallus, a representation of great luck and a talisman against the evil eye, was frequently used in combination with the ringing of bells to ward off wicked spirits.

Very large pagodas became fashionable in India and China in the second century CE, and in each corner of the structure hung small wind bells, positioned to catch the slightest wind. Wind bells were understood to discourage dangerous creatures from entering, as well as frighten away all ill-intentioned spirits. Wind bells also hung under the corners of temples, palaces and roofs of houses - they were just not limited to pagodas. b-033__22864.jpg

From approximately 1100 B.C., the Chinese began creating metal bells, thus modernizing the production of chimes. The yong-zhong—a metallic bell devoid of a clapper — was crafted by skilled artists to be used in religious ceremonies. The modern-day wind bell is built upon a Chinese style referred to as the feng-ling. Hung from many shrines and pagodas, the feng-lings invited in benevolent spirits and chased away evil ones. Increasing the movement of life force — called chi—is said to be assisted by the musical sounds of wind chimes.

Historic English Monastic Gardens

English monastic gardens left are vestiges and limited trustworthy records behind. he planting and organization demonstrating the cloisters containing a herbarium and a conduit—with the fish-pond, orchard, and vineyard outside the walls is shown in twelfth-century plan of Canterbury, however it simply gives a general concept of the garden. However, even though this is an unfinished record, it is the very best we have from this early period. Being as similar as circumstances granted, the usual layout of the English monastic gardens can be inferred from the plans and summaries of the different parts of monasteries from the same order that existed on the continent. { The original drawings of the old monastery of St. Gall, in Switzerland, still exists, providing valuable insight into the design of this large religious compound belonging to the Benedictines of the 9th. There were 4 sections of cultivated landscape within the monastery walls: the cloister-garth, the physic garden, the vegetable garden, and an orchard that also worked as a burial ground, all set in a hollow. A savina, which brought water for drinking and washing purposes, was at the center of the grounds.

What Do We Mean by Outdoor Room?

What are outdoor rooms? A simple concept; an outside area that is furnished with a fire place or fire pit, a wet bar and even rugs! The area is "walled in" by trellises, potted plants or stone walls.

A wind chime garden that is close to the room provides an unparalleled ambiance to an evening outside.

Your home will gain with the inclusion of a wind chime garden, which can be matched with any decorating style. And the ultimate joy of this garden style is that you have the chance to make it as unique as you are. Finally, a wind chime garden is a perfect chance for you to highlight your individual style as you include scents, sights and sounds into it.

Your Garden Wall Fountain: Upkeep & Routine Service

A very important first step is to consider the dimensions of the outdoor wall fountain with regards to the area you have available for it. It will need a solid wall to support its overall weight. Therefore for smaller areas or walls, a more lightweight feature is going to be more suitable. An electric socket close to the fountain is required to power the fountain. Whatever the style of outdoor wall fountain you choose, they typically come with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

Everything you will require to correctly install your outdoor wall fountain is typically provided in easy-to-use kits. In the kit you will find all the needed essentials: a submersible pump, hoses and basin, or reservoir.

If the size is appropriate, the basin can be hidden away amongst your garden plants. Once your wall fountain is installed, all that is required is consistent cleaning and some light maintenance.

It is essential to replenish the water regularly so that it remains clean. Rubbish such as twigs, leaves or dirt should be cleaned up quickly. Protecting your outdoor wall fountain from the freezing winter climate is essential. Your pump may break when exposed to freezing water during the wintertime, so it is best to bring it indoors to avoid any damage. The bottom line is that if you properly maintain and care for your outdoor fountain, it will bring you joy for years to come.

Landscape Elegance: Fountains

It is also feasible to place your garden water fountain near a wall since they do not need to be connected to a nearby pond. Moreover, it is no longer necessary to excavate, deal with a difficult installation procedure or tidy up the pond. Plumbing work is no longer a necessity since this feature in now self-contained. Remember, however, to put in water at regular intervals. Your pond should always contain clean water, so be sure to empty the basin whenever it gets dirty.

Any number of materials can be used to make garden wall fountains, but stone and metal are the most practical. The design you are looking for dictates which material is best suited to meet your wishes. It is important to buy hand-crafted, light garden wall fountains which are also easy to set up. Moreover, be sure to buy a fountain which necessitates little upkeep. While there may be some cases in which the setup needs a bit more care, generally the majority require a minimal amount of effort to install since the only two parts which call for scrutiny are the re-circulating pump and the hanging parts. It is very simple to spruce up your garden with these types of fountains.

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