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Window Gardens with Cactus and Succlents

Generally, the small and medium-sized succulents and cactus are best suited for a window scene, while the larger types are better left for container accent or outdoor decoration. However, one or two large potted specimens can be set on the floor beside a window. Because succulent and cactus plants do not all bloom at the same time of the year, you can have flower color for several months if you use some care in selecting these plants. Any exposure can be used even a north window is fine for some crassulas and sedums but east or south windows provide the best place to insure healthy plants. Most important, designate some out-of-sight place at home where there is some light and cooler temperatures for plants to rest. This is a vital part of successful succulent and cactus health. A pantry or an unheated but not freezing porch is a suitable place. As winter approaches and plants begin to enter their rest period you should move them to a cooler location, ideally where the temperature remains around 50° The slowup or halt in plant growth will indicate to you just when this rest period begins. Many succulents will still need water but usually just enough to keep soil barely moist; some euphorbias and most cactus prefer occasional waterings with dry periods between applications. When growth resumes in spring, return plants to their spots at the window and begin watering regularly.

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