photo: starting a cactus succulents collectionBecause there are so many succulents and cactus, you should know something about them before you shop for plants. Study the photographs and lists in this book, suppliers' catalogues, then try to decide which plants you want. Some plants are truly outstanding, many of them are more bizarre than beautiful, and a few are simply oddities. If you have a chance to visit a succulents and cactus nursery, you can be sure of your selections. Look for specimens that have good color and form, abundant bloom, and vigor. Start your collection with whatever plants appeal to you; sooner or later, you may find a particular group that will interest you more than others. Flower shows often contain displays of succulents and cactus which will also help acquaint you with the variety of flowers and plants available to the collector. Accent the collection with wind chimes or other decor.


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