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Propagating Cactus and Succulents

It's easy to multiply your favorite plants Succulents and cactus are often so prolific with offspring that in a short time you may find yourself with more plants than you can use. Even though you can buy nursery stock, there is something satisfying about propagating your own plants. Often rare or difficult species are nearly impossible to find, so multiplying your choice plants becomes the simplest if not the only means to obtain more of the same varieties. There is little cost in propagating your own plants, and you do not need special equipment. You can grow succulents and cactus from seed, start them from cuttings, or graft them. Each method has different advantages. Sowing seed is inexpensive and you get many plants. The stock is generally clean and free of pests, and with certain varieties the only way to be sure of having the true form is to raise plants from seed. Taking cuttings for new plants is perhaps the easiest and most popular method of propagation. There is no waiting for months (or even years) for growth and bloom; some species from cuttings make blooming- size plants in a few months. Grafting plants is an exciting adventure in which you bring together two plants to grow as one. Start seeds in spring or very early summer so they will have a chance to grow before cold weather starts. If you will be growing many seedlings, sow them in wooden boxes or nursery flats; use shallow pots (azalea type) for small quantities of seed. A suitable growing mix is 2 parts soil, 1 part leaf.

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